Psychology and Psychiatry

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the media lately. News organizations are exploiting clear mental illness for their gain. What these people need are help. They do not need to be publicly shamed or put on display. Often times these are serious psychological breaks like in the case of of the Race car driver who was claiming that his girlfriend was a trained assassin. Clearly this is insane. We do not need to make a news story out of someone’s mental health unraveling.

This is why it is extremely important to have a mental health professional. Even if you’re not “crazy,” a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you work through a variety of issues. Whether it be commitment, major decisions, or just too much stress. Talking to someone, and not just anyone an expert with a Ph.D, can really improve your mentally well being.

Many people, probably even people you know, have worked through serious depressions and anxiety with a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist is someone with an MD who has the ability to prescribe medication. However, a nurse practitioner can also prescribe medication and it is becoming increasingly popular for nurse practitioners to be trained in psychotherapy and psychoanalytic techniques. Angela Retano is one such psychotherapist in New York who is actually a nurse practitioner by training and only later become interested in psychology.

If you’re elsewhere in the country a popular resource for finding a psychiatrist or psychotherapist is psychology today. They have search tools that make it easy to contact therapists and find one that works for you.

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