Mobile Now Accounts for 60% of America’s Digital Time

The good people at ComScore have released their latest mobile app report, and the results are both surprising and not surprising at the same time. Looking at approximately 10 billion minutes of user time (which equates to roughly a metric ton of hours) throughout May of this year, they discovered that Americans spend more “digital time” using mobile devices than PCs or other platforms—roughly 60 percent of their time. Additionally, mobile apps are the most used digital medium, accounting for 51 percent of usage.

Streaming Music, Photos Are Most Used

Clever cats that they are, ComScore broke the data down even further. Digital, streaming music is responsible for a huge amount of user engagement, with 96 percent of traffic for Pandora, Spotify, or other music services coming via mobile apps rather than standard internet browsers. Photo sharing apps, such as Instagram and Flicker, finished a very close second in app-vs.-browser usage.

Gotta keep that percentage up!

Gotta keep that percentage up!

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook showed significant growth in mobile app usage over the past year. ComScore’s study reports that 70 percent of user activity now comes from mobile, up 55 percent from years past. Thirty-one percent of internet growth since 2013 has come from social networks.

“While social networking does not rank at the very top of this list among most mobile-skewing content categories, it is arguably the most important,” ComScore’s report states.

So don’t feel bad next time you miss something important in real life because your eyeballs were glued to your stupid little screen. Everybody’s doing it!

ComScore’s full mobile app report can be found here.


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