Do not, for even a second, think that the US “Quackbuster” operation, a plot to stop anyone, and everyone, from changing the broken US health care system, is run, or even maintained, by delicensed MD Stephen Barrett out of his 2421 West Greenleaf Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania address, or his condo at 287 Stoneview, Pittsboro, North Carolina. It would be foolish to assume that this bitter, nasty, old man, who stumbles through life, tripping from one professional failure to another, is running a cleverly set up plot. He’s just the “front man.” The one they want you to focus on. He’s ill. He’ll die soon, and someone else will take his place as the frontispiece.

So, who really is running it? And why? And, how is it being done? Keep reading, and all will be revealed.


The 2008 Quackbuster operation is involved in “info wars” on the internet. It is a public relations “black-ops,” run out of a New York misinformation agency. It has six components designed to do two things: (1) provide false and misleading negative healthcare information, primarily through the internet, to (a) the general public, and (b) employees of health insurance companies, medical malpractice insurance companies, health agencies, County, State, and Federal enforcement agencies about those trying to fix/change the health care system, and people, therapies, products, etc., that compete with the current status quo, and (2) block, or diminish sources of substantial information about positive aspects of those people, therapies, products, etc, that compete with the status quo.

The plot is pervasive, well funded, and well run. And, it’s time to break it up. This article will give you the information on how it works, and tips on how to stop it from affecting YOU and your interests.

The New York agency’s intent is to not just defame, but to make that defamation, through organization, appear at the top of the search engines like google. Below, I’ll show you how they do that. They have organized to manipulate the online encyclopedia Wikipedia information about health care. They also, through people trained in disruption, troll Usenet (google) discussion groups, badmouthing advanced health care, regularly.

I emphasize that all of this attack is “organized”… and can be traced back to the same people – about five, or six, of them.

In other words, it is not just about Quackwatch. Worldwide, there are four major “quackbuster” centers: the US, Denmark, Canada, and Australia. In the US we are familiar with Barrett, Baratz, etc. In Australia we have “ratbags,” Peter Bowditch. In Canada we have Terry Polevoy. In Denmark we have Paul Lee PT (quackfiles).

The up-and-comer in all this is Paul Lee PT from Denmark, for it is he who manages both the Wikipedia information manipulation system, and the search engine top ranking system I’ll describe below. Although, the TWO systems, in place, give the quackbuster operation “info wars” advantage they also, because of how, and where, they did it, bring Lee, Polevoy and Bowditch, and all of the foreign operations under the jurisdiction of the US Court system. In other words – they made a big mistake, in their eagerness to corrupt.

Why? Because Wikipedia is based in Florida. The search engine placement system they use, called “webring” is based in Ashland, Oregon. Since they do business with these US companies, they are subject to be sued for their activities in this country.


(1) The Quackbuster Communication Network has five parts:

(a) The Consumer Health Digest is a newsletter with mailing list of over twelve thousand names. The newsletter is sent out weekly to the mailing list. The list is made up of lower and middle level employees of county, state, and federal health administration and enforcement agencies, and employees of health insurance and medical malpractice insurance company employees. The so-called “Digest” is a simple tool to do two things: (1) propagandize those lower level employees into believing that the targets of the so-called articles are “bad people,” criminals, doubtfuls, etc., and (2) convince those employees that they should devote time to investigating, prosecuting, or, at the very least, watching, the targets constantly.

If you, or yours, are the subject of any article on this newsletter – beware, for the readers of these articles are not the brightest people in the world, and would tend to believe what they read.

(b) The Health Fraud Discussion Group has two functions: (1) People making inquiries of information on “” are “invited” to ask questions on this discussion group where, supposedly, “experts” will give the inquirer more information. Those “experts” are just more quackbuster operatives relaying more of the same lies and misinformation. (2) The discussion group provides a format for the quackbusters to showcase subjects, or people they want to defame or deride.

(c) The Skeptics Discussion Group is simply a means for the quackbuster propaganda system to tie into the worldwide “Skeptic” organization by trying to interest the Skeptic movement in being super-critical of the issues the quackbusters promote. Frankly, I don’t know how well this works, or doesn’t work, for them, because the involved so-called “skeptics” I see publicly are, for the most part, dolts – pseudo-skeptics operating in a pseudo-intellectual mode, trying to impress others with their claims to Mensa status – and not doing very well at it.

(d) The James Randi Discussion Group is an odd thing. James Randi, who bills himself as “The Amazing Randi,” is, it appears, a fifth-rate magician who seems to play the Motel-6 Lounge Circuit in the US. He gets himself on television promoting various “doubts” about various things. Randi is not very impressive, and when you batch that together with his gargantuan ego, and his pompous presentations, you get just about what you would expect.

(e) is the lair of Scott Ballantyne and the ScottSoft Research group out of New York City. is the HOST for all of the above. Ballantyne is a relative unknown, and there is no obvious reason apparent why Ballantyne provides expertise, time, and labor to host, and manage, the four activities above. I suspect he is funded directly out of the New York misinformation agency.

Note – for those of you who wish to subpoena information (and you should) from (Ballantyne), about the activities of these entities above in regards to individual clients, contact me, and I’ll provide the data you need for subpoenas – and more. Ballantyne, I think, is in a panic (and he should be), lately, for he destroyed all of the archives of the Health Fraud Discussion Group, as he says, “for legal reasons.”

(2) The Quackbuster manipulation of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia:

Wikipedia is an odd thing. It is made up of a so-called “volunteer system.” Several years ago, a team of quackbusters infiltrated various levels of the Wikipedia operation, and are now entrenched in the middle, and lower, level volunteer management system. If you try and put any positive information about advanced medicine, or the problems of US health care, on Wikipedia, or change false or misleading information the quackbusters have installed, you will fail. You will be blocked from further “editing” and the pages of Wikipedia will now carry information about what a “terrible person you are.” The only way to have ANY influence over what Wikipedia says about subject is to approach them with a legal threat letter at the highest levels. Nothing else works. Even that has problems, for Wikipedia management operates on a financial shoestring, and apparently has no ability to police its own encyclopedia. Unfortunately, people use the encyclopedia – and they get very bad information about health care.