I almost spilled my cup of jasmine tea, I was laughing so hard.

I had just been viewing the first part of a DVD video documentary called “Dying to Have Known,” and I had to stop the thing right there, and rewind, to see if what I had just seen really had happened.

Yup, it did. So I stopped it again, went and got my wife Jan and said “You’ve got to come and watch this.” It’s worth re-playing again and again.

Those of you, out there, who share my disdain for the “quackbuster” antics, and view them as sort of a group manifestation of the effects of heavy-metal poisoning, will thoroughly enjoy the tactic the Gerson Therapy people took in dealing with the “quackbuster” operation. The Gerson people were doing a documentary on the effectiveness of the Gerson Cancer Therapy, and went and interviewed the “quackbusters” FIRST – and it was obvious that that the “quackbusters” had no idea they were about to be had.

And “had” they were. It was classic. You’ve got to see it for yourself. I asked the Gerson people to put a ten minute segment of the DVD on their website for you to see – and they did just that. Click here to go to the website page that has the video on it. If you have dial-up you’ll have to wait a while for it to download – go make a sandwich, or juice some vegetables. It’s worth the wait.

What you’ll see is Dean Edell, Stephen Barrett, and Wallace Sampson giving us lessons in pompous-ass-ity without knowing what’s coming next. You’ll enjoy what comes next.

Documentary Producer Stephen Kroschel tells me that when he went to Barrett’s house to film him, it took Barrett several minutes to unlock all of the locks on his solid steel front door to let Steve in for the interview.