The US “quackbuster” operation, suffers humiliation almost daily these days. When you listen to their leadership discuss this problem they inevitably blame one person for their woes – scientist, and author, Hulda Regehr Clark PhD.

76 year-old Clark, an independent scientific researcher and author of six best-selling books on health care and what’s wrong with it, is clearly the most hated person in quackbusterland. Why? Is it because they can’t beat her down, can’t stop the sale of her books, can’t have her imprisoned, can’t destroy her reputation, can’t frighten her into submission, and can’t destroy her work through innuendo and smear tactics?

Yes, those are reasons, and good ones, but they aren’t what creates the vehemence and the spittle spewing from “quackbuster” lips when they discuss Hulda Regehr Clark PhD.

It’s the fact that EVERY time they attack Clark her world popularity increases. Her book sales increase. Her invitations to speak at world conferences increase. More people quote her. More people want to meet her.

So I laugh at their antics… and almost encourage them to do more…

Her books include: “The Cure for HIV/AIDS,” “The Cure for All Cancers,” “The Cure for All Diseases,” “The Cure for All Advanced Cancers,” “The Prevention of All Cancers,” and the “Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual.”

The “quackbuster” operation is slick – and well designed by a very good social manipulator who understands propaganda and public relations “black-ops.” When the New York ad agency, that actually runs it, takes on a project for a client, they can show that they have, for years, maintained a successful track record. They can point, with pride, at earlier campaigns where they totally ruined their targets. They can show current projects in operation right now, that are working just as planned.

Current projects? Sure. Everybody saw the “Vitamin E kills people” campaign. It was saturating the media. Of course it wasn’t true – Vitamin E doesn’t kill people. What the ad agency did for their secret client was simply to hire some third-rate hack to write a poorly written paper supposedly “reviewing the literature” on Vitamin E. Then they released the fake “study” via a massive, and expensive, public relations campaign, to all of the US media.

That’s how it works.

But why isn’t it working against Hulda Clark?

Why is it that when Hulda Clark was arrested in September of 1999, hauled across the US, from San Diego to Nashville, Indiana, in her orange bathrobe, in the backseat of a Brown County Indiana squad car, that her popularity increased, and her book sales, the following year, increased by 60%? Good question.

Why is it that when the quackbuster “haters” infiltrated the Clark internet discussion groups and railed against her to her followers that her followers treated them like misbehaving children, spanked them, and told them to “go take a nap?” Good question.

Why is it that when the quackbuster “haters” infiltrated the Clark internet discussion groups and railed against her to her followers that the numbers of followers increased? Good question.