Nobody even tries to hide the fact that the US Health Care System is broken beyond repair. There is a lot of finger-pointing going on, as well there should be. The US health care system costs too much, it’s the top three killers of Americans, and Americans don’t trust it. It simply doesn’t work.

Who’s fault is this? Blame lies solidly with the management of the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). Current management is incapable of dealing with health care problems. It has set up a US Health Care system that doesn’t work, and has no chance of ever working.

Why is this happening? Because Congress gave DHHS authority over the “structure” of US Health Care and DHHS management can’t see “the big picture”. Every day we sink deeper into the hole.

When you are incapable of identifying the problem – you cannot provide solution. DHHS management has been told, repeatedly, what the problem is. They just don’t get it.

We can solve America’s health problems quickly if we just do a house cleaning at the top of DHHS. It was Laurence J. Peter, in his book “The Peter Principle” that pointed out to all of us that “in a hierarchy everyone rises to their level of incompetency.” That’s clearly obvious at DHHS.

The Defective DHHS System:

Below, I’ve outlined the BIGGEST reason why US health care is out of control – DHHS management’s inability to see what’s going on. In further articles I’ll outline other important reasons – but none as important as this.

The big picture DHHS doesn’t see – There are five million (5,000,000) legitimately operating health professionals in the United States. Over two dozen categories of US health professions, representing over two million of the five million, are allowed by law, to bill directly for their services. But DHHS has only authorized codes used for Medicare, Medicaid, and the health insurance industry, that are developed by, and for, MDs. And the majority of these MD codes represent THE MOST EXPENSIVE, DANGEROUS, and INVASIVE procedures available which are also frequently THE LEAST EFFECTIVE.