Top quackbuster”  Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS PhD was forcibly removed as a witness in a California case recently after it was pointed out to the State of California that Baratz was a not quite what he claims to be.  Cases all over the United States, originally initiated by “quackbusters” , are being dropped by State agencies – like hot potatoes.

Why?  Probably because “the word is out” about the “quackbusters”  – and no State agency, and certainly no individual medical or dental board member wants the personal liability attached to using fake witnesses.  It was probably the Massachusetts v. Satloff case, and its outcome, where the Massachusetts Dental board called special meetings to drop all charges against Satloff that started the decline.  In that case Satloff sued the Dental Board, the State prosecutor, the Administrative Law Judge, and others for violating his right to due process for using Baratz as a witness..  When confronted with the reality the Massachusetts State Dental Board called two separate special meetings canceling the case and promising never to come after Satloff again.

In Washington State, as you read this, health activists are storming the Governor’s office, the State Auditor’s office, and the State legislature, demanding explanations, and details about, the State’s relationship with the “quackbusters.”   Legislators are responding with new legislation to protect cutting-edge practitioners.

In California, the “quackbuster”  operation is reeling for many different reasons.  One of those is the faltering assault by Barrett (of infamy) and Polevoy (Canada’s bargain-basement version of Barrett) against world-renowned author/researcher Hulda Clark PhD.  Recently, in part of the case, one of the defendants, Ilena Rosenthal, won her case, getting the case against her dismissed at the California Supreme Court level.  Rosenthal, and her attorney, are actively pursuing collection of the attorney fees awarded by the Courts.  I estimate those fees to be over $200,000.  Unless Barrett, Polevoy, and Grell (the Plaintiffs) pay those fees soon, and in full, the Court may not let the rest of the case, flimsy as it is, and poorly written, proceed at all.

Lawsuits are springing up across America involving the quackbuster operation.  As well they should be.  It’s about time.  And, I know, the focus of those suits is to find out who, exactly is behind the quackbuster operation – and give them their day in Court.  I’ll be writing about these from time to time.

Why is this important right now?  Because US health care is in serious disarray.  It has been said that if the rate of US health care costs increase continues – by 2025 100% of the US budget will be for health care.  It is important to expose the “quackbuster” operation – for America needs to exactly know who it is that viciously attacks those trying to change health care for the better.  So that we can begin to criminally prosecute them.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate