I, Tim Bolen, under oath, state as follows:

1. Professionally, I am (a) the President of JuriMed Public Relations research Group, Inc; a Crisis Management Consultant company in the health care industry. (b) a Consumer Advocate specializing in the problems of “cutting-edge” health care.

2. As a Crisis Management Consultant, my clients are almost exclusively “cutting-edge” health care practitioners. For them we provide a wide variety of services including assistance to their attorneys, expert witnesses for Court cases, organization and coordination of support groups, media positions, legislative support, promotion, convention services, etc.

3. As a Consumer Advocate I am a severe critic of the existing US health care system. I am a speaker at health conventions nationwide, regularly a guest on radio shows, and quoted in magazines and newspapers. The thing I am most known for is that I am the owner, and author of the internet “Millions of Health Freedom Fighters – Newsletter,” a subscriber non-commercial internet newsletter based in California.

4. My newsletter, its computer systems, etc., are completely lawful, and compliant with California and US laws, including all anti-spam laws. I have roughly 285,000 subscribers. I have been operating this newsletter, a critique of “the politics of health care in the US,” since 1999. Copies of all of those newsletters (over 500 editions) can be found at my websites www.bolenreport.net and www.quackpotwatch.org.

5. My newsletter is extremely controversial, and generates angry discussion of health issues. My articles are carefully researched. I raise issues not found elsewhere in the media. Indeed, my comments about the problems in the US health care system cannot be found in mainstream media until, sometimes, months after I broadcast a story.

6. Of my 285,000 newsletter subscribers – I have about 12,000 media, 85,000 employees of government agencies involved in health care, 30,000 health care activists,15,000 environmentalists, 130,000 health care or health industry professionals, and the rest miscellaneous.

7. I have been attacked, because of my political positions, by an anti-spammer vigilante group, calling themselves the Spamhaus/SPEWS project , on several occasions. Recently they have been able to completely block my ability to broadcast my newsletter to my subscribers. ISPs are now afraid to host my newsletter as Spamhaus/SPEWS will shut them down for hosting me.

8. Currently, my websites are up and running, after I moved them, but I cannot broadcast my newsletter. Spamhaus/SPEWS falsely claimed “reason” for blocking me is that I supposedly am a “criminal,” in that I send out bulk emails. But, as shown below, their original written reason used in the first blocklisting tells an entirely different story. And when I complained to them about their activities, and threatened legal action, they went out of their way to ruin my reputation on the internet.

9. I have discovered that Spamhaus/SPEWS is a “vigilante” type organization falsely characterizing themselves as an “anti-spammer” group. They make up their own definition of “spam” and that definition appears to change from day-to-day. Their definition(s) differ, considerably, from the ones enacted into both US and State laws. In essence anyone they don’t like gets labeled as a spammer and significant damage is done to those victims. The Spamhaus/SPEWS membership, or whatever they call themselves, is a secret. Those members, or “volunteers,” use “fake” email addresses and identities.

10. I have learned, for instance, the identities of several of the Spamhaus/SPEWS “volunteers,” and have discovered that many of them have business interests that compete with those victims they select for “blocking.” I have also learned that several of their “volunteers” are acting in their capacity to benefit their employers.

11. Spamhaus/SPEWS has, as described below, constantly interfered with my lawful computer system and its operation, and they have or damaged that system, or its operation, in several ways. These attacks, separately and aggregately, I have discovered, violate both Federal and State laws.

12. In US law – these attacks are a violation of title 18, United States Code Sections 1030 (Fraud and related activity in relation to a computer), 371 (Conspiracy to commit offense), 241 (Conspiracy against rights), 875(d) (Interstate communications), 1343 (fraud by wire, radio, or television), 1951 (Interference with commerce by threats or violence), 1952 (Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises).