The US Health Care System, rated 72nd in quality, but number one in cost – worldwide, is known, by government reports, to be the NUMBER ONE KILLER of Americans – ahead of heart disease, cancer, and strokes. There is no argument against facts.

But what is up for speculation are the REASONS why this is so. No one I know of (government agencies, think tanks, etc.) has taken the time to describe, and rate, the reasons why US citizens are being so short-changed.

It is easy to point fingers at the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and show their faults. We could point with certainty at those industries that spew their toxic waste into society. We could certainly talk endlessly about the greed and corruption in the health insurance industry, and their penchant to offer the crappiest of health care paradigms as the only choices they’ll pay for. We could point our fingers at the hospital system, our nursing homes, and the tendency towards “five-minute medicine.” We could talk about State Regulatory Boards and their inability, and unwillingness to cull out bad practitioners, and bad practices. We could talk about the intentional actions of the sleazy “quackbuster” operation to stop any innovation in health care.

I’ve written about all of these problems – and so have many others.

But what if there is an industry, completely trusted by the public, that knowingly, and intentionally, is causing significant harm to America’s health?

There is one. It is called “Official dentistry” and I believe that this entity, by itself, is the number one problem in American health care.

Let me tell you why I think so…

The Self-Serving Dental Bureaucracy – “Official dentistry” is not now, and has not been for some time, about Dentists or dentistry. It is about the Dental Bureaucracy protecting the IMMENSE CASH FLOW FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES, into that bureaucratic system. That huge amount of cash sets “Official dentistry’s” priorities, and THOSE PRIORITIES do not serve the needs of America’s Dentists, and certainly not the needs of the American public. Dentists, within the system, have little, or no, control over what happens in American Dentistry.

Simply, “Official dentistry” is controlled by those that write the checks to that bureaucracy. For instance, forty-two percent of the ADA’s annual income is from “Product Endorsement.” And, to my knowledge, that 42% DOES NOT INCLUDE the money “Official dentistry” gets from the US fertilizer industry.

The fertilizer industry? Did I say “The fertilizer industry?”

Yup, that’s exactly what I said.

So why would the fertilizer industry give money to the dental bureaucracy? Keep reading, and you’ll find out. And, you won’t like what I’m going to tell you.

It appears to me that the sheer volume of dollars pouring into “Official dentistry” from outside sources has corrupted the dental bureaucracy’s thinking. Instead of looking out for the interests of Dentists in the field, and the American public, they look out for providers, suppliers and any entities willing to write big checks to that bureaucracy. Want some examples? I’ll give you FOUR of them here.

(1) The “Fluoride” in the Water Problem – The number one promoter of fluoride in our water supply is “official dentistry.” And, it is extremely profitable for them to do this – even though they know the horrible consequences. The amount of money that changes hands is astronomical. They “forget” to tell the public, and their member Dentists, where all that promotional money they get, and throw around, comes from. It comes from the US fertilizer industry. The so-called “fluoride” they use, fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6), according to George C. Glasser, writing for the Earth Island Institute, the fertilizer industries have to PAY TO GET RID OF, because it’s a deadly, toxic, hazardous, waste of those industries. In fact Glasser says of its production in Central Florida:

Phosphate fertilizer manufacturing and mining are not environment friendly operations. Fluorides and radionuclides are the primary toxic pollutants from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer in Central Florida. People living near the fertilizer plants and mines, experience lung cancer and leukemia rates that are double the state average. Much of West Central Florida has become a toxic waste dump for phosphate fertilizer manufacturers. Federal and state pollution regulations have been modified to accommodate phosphate fertilizer production and use: These regulations have included using recovered pollution for water fluoridation.

Radium wastes from filtration systems at phosphate fertilizer facilities are among the most radioactive types of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) wastes. The radium wastes are so concentrated, they cannot be disposed of at the one US landfill licensed to accept NORM wastes, so manufacturers dump the radioactive wastes in acidic ponds atop 200-foot-high gypsum stacks. The federal government has no rules for its disposal.

During the late 1960s, fluorine emissions were damaging crops, killing fish and causing crippling skeletal fluorosis in livestock. The EPA became concerned and enforced regulations requiring manufacturers to install pollution scrubbers. At that time, the facilities were dumping the concentrated pollution directly into waterways leading into Tampa Bay.

Feel good that “Official dentistry” is making truckloads of money telling YOUR community that this stuff belongs in your water? If you are not convinced yet – read this below:

In the late 1960s, EPA chemist Ervin Bellack worked out the ideal solution to a monumental pollution problem. Because recovered phosphate fertilizer manufacturing waste contain about 19% fluorine, Bellack concluded that the concentrated “scrubber liquor” could be a perfect water fluoridation agent. It was a liquid and easily soluble in water, unlike sodium fluoride – a waste product from aluminum manufacturing. It was also inexpensive.

Fate also intervened. The aluminum industry, which previously supplied sodium fluoride for water fluoridation, was facing a shortage of fluorspar used in smelting aluminum. Consequently, there was a shortage of sodium fluoride to fluoridate drinking water.

For the phosphate fertilizer industry, the shortage of sodium fluoride was the key to turning red ink into black and an environmental liability into a perceived asset. With the help of the EPA, fluorosilicic acid was transformed from a concentrated toxic waste and a liability into a “proven cavity fighter.”

The EPA and the US Public Health Service waived all testing procedures and – with the help of the American Dental Association (ADA) – encouraged cities to add the radioactive concentrate into America’s drinking water as an “improved” form of fluoride.

The product is not “fluorine” or “fluoride” as proponents state: It is a pollution concentrate. Fluorine is only one captured pollutant comprising about 19% of the total product.