The Canadian “Health Freedom” movement spells the word “AGGRESSIVE” in all capital letters. A few years ago concerned citizens from all across Canada gathered together and decided, like Californians, that they wanted “the best health care they could get – and they wanted it RIGHT NOW…”

What they do not want is a “Big Pharma” controlled “drugs, drugs, and more drugs” based health care system.

Because of their decision to (1) identify problems, (2) identify possible solutions, (3) make plans, (4) execute plans, (5) review situation, etc., the Canadian movement is far ahead of the US group in terms of GOAL achievement. They have a plan – and they’re working it – HARD.

Good for them.

I’m not going to go into the details of their plan – for it is specially designed for Canada, and the specific situation in Canada. For now, I’ll just focus on their current victory. In short, strange as it may sound, they lost(?) a battle because the other side surrendered.


Yup. They lost a battle (C-420) because the other side surrendered.

The C-420 Assault, and the Lawsuit Against Health Canada…

The C-420 Assault, and the lawsuit against Health Canada, were combined (with other tactics), to remove Big Pharma’s control over Canadian regulatory agencies. Bill C-420 author James Lunney says of it

“Bill C-420 has to do with the way natural health products are regulated. It’s a very concise bill. It’s basically a one-page bill, and it would simply change the definition of food and drugs. It would open the definition of a drug and say “excluding food”, and then it would open the definition food, and say “including dietary supplements, herbs, and other natural health products” as food, so they cannot be regulated as drugs. Currently they’re regulated as a subclass of drugs, and that has resulted in a lot of problems, frankly.”

The North American continent is awakening to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest threat it has ever faced. Far more deadly than any terrorist activity, far more deadly than the NAZI threat of World War Two, “Big Pharma,” as it is known worldwide, is an entity unto itself, larger, and more powerful, than most nations on Planet Earth – and absolutely murderous in its actions, and intent – it answers to no one. No one regulates it. No one holds it accountable. Certainly not the US FDA. Certainly not Health Canada.