The US Health Insurance Industry has so angered the American public, it is walking itself toward the firing squad.  I don’t see any way to save it – or any reason to save it.  Like the buggy whip industry facing the advent of the horseless carriage, it is an industry that has seen its day – and is of no further use to America – and, in fact, is an impediment.

Industries, like agencies, or people, develop a “persona.”  And the “persona” the health insurance industry has developed could best be described as “sociopathic,” and in some cases possibly “psychopathic.”

Sociopath – a person who is hostile to society.

Psychopath – A person with a mental disorder characterized by an extremely antisocial personality, that often leads to aggressive, perverted, or criminal behavior.

Simply, the health  insurance industry has forgotten, or never knew, that their role was to provide insurance coverage to pay for health care.  We, the American public, NEVER allocated to them the power to DECIDE what health care was.  But they took that upon themselves.  And America suffers for it.

It’s time to dump the health insurance system.