The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was originally designed to serve the needs of the American public.

Of course, these days, it does no such thing – it is owned, outright, by “Big Pharma,” the very industry it is supposed to regulate.

Not just is there a revolving door of pharma employees with the FDA, but every committee is in the hands of the drug pushers. In fact, the FDA is little more than a gun carrying enforcement agency whose only purpose seems to be to stifle, raid, imprison, shut down, harass, torture, lie about, and generally discourage competition to drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

They don’t even try to hide it.

Despite “Big Pharma’s,”,and their minions at the FDA’s best efforts, however, over fifty percent of the total US health health dollar is spent on alternatives to “organized medicine.” The National Science Foundation indicates that 88% of all US adults use, and believe in, some alternative to “organized medicine.” That’s no surprise when you consider that “organized medicine” is the number one, two, and three killer of Americans (the medical system itself, heart disease, and cancer) at 2,036,884. Americans are just trying to protect themselves.