Health Freedom Fighter Tim Bolen gave the California Medical Board’s (“CMB”) appointed members a provocative explanation yesterday during its quarterly meeting why more control over the Board’s investigative sleuths is needed and threatened that if control is not forthcoming a return to Sinaiko-era health freedom tactics will surely follow.

Bolen pointed to two specific cases of wrongdoing – and documented each case with the care of a historian – for that is what he did, made history!

The documentation was presented in the form of a Presentation Folder setting forth the complaint accompanied by a CDRom containing more than 20 exhibits including a “Friend of the Court Brief” written by Mr. Bolen. The exhibits set forth in exhaustive detail what the Medical Board Investigate Staff and the Deputies Attorney General (DAG) perpetrated while acting in behalf of the CMB including Alfredo Terrazas, who currently is the head of Licensing Enforcement for the Attorney General and who was the DAG in charge of persecuting Dr. Sinaiko. Also examined are the facts surrounding the issuance of an amicus curiae brief by DAG Thomas Lazar that, apparently, no Member of the CMB had any knowledge of. The brief by Lazar, Mr. Bolen noted, is actually a regulation of general application which, under the law, must be examined by additional governmental agencies before becoming effective and, without such examination and approval, amounts to the wrongful issuance of an illegal and unenforceable “underground regulation.”