When the New York ad agency, the one the runs the “quackbuster” operation against innovation in health care in North America selects a new target, one of the things they count on is “a raid” from their bed partners at the FDA, against that selected target.

On the morning of “the raid,” highly trained (insert a BIG SNORT here) FDA agents, dressed in cute little body armor, covered by “the right” special jacket, ordered expressly from a “law enforcement” catalog – the wanna-be cops version of L.L. Bean – with “FDA” emblazoned in the approved yellow, ten inch high letters, across the back, stop by the gun locker where they will be issued their M-16, or their Browning 12-Gauge Pump, for this morning’s event.

Alarmed that FDA agents would be issued fire-power? Don’t be – for they’ve been trained for months with those weapons – just for this occasion – and they’re ready to rock-and-roll. You can be sure that every FDA agent along for “the raid,” has been able to demonstrate proficiency; can recognize a vitamin, or supplement bottle, at sixty yards in a driving snowstorm, lay that laser sight down on the vitamin label, and put forty (40) M-16 (5.56x45mm .223 caliber) ball rounds through that bottle, and another 120 rounds through the person holding it, before you can say “It’s only vitamin C, boys…”