SB 840 (Senate Bill 840), a proposal to destroy ALL health insurance providers within California, and replace them with a State run system has already passed the California Senate with a vote of 25 to 15. The measure is headed for the California House where it will come up for a vote in November of this year.

Shocked? I’m not.

The health insurance industry brought this on themselves. Frankly, they deserve to get shut down. They are a pall on America. They, in a macrocosm, represent EVERYTHING wrong with health care in the US. The US, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks seventy-second (72) in health care, with countries like Morocco, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc., rating higher in quality. But, of course, the US ranks #1 (Number one) in health care costs.

Did you get that? Seventy-second in ranking – number one in costs…

California has a population of about 34 million people – almost 12% of the total US population. A successful action here to destroy the health insurance industry will reverberate nationwide. “Me to” legislation, across America, will look like a domino layout played to a predicted end.


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The important point to consider here is that the California Senate could have chosen to simply rein in the health insurance industry – but chose, instead, to destroy it completely.

Why? A lot of very good reasons.

Regular readers of my newsletter will remember my criticisms of the health insurance industry. I’ve talked about some horrible things the health insurance industry has done to America. Apparently, the California legislature agrees with my analysis. Shortly, I’ll give you some of the reasons I’m sure my friends in the California Senate are looking at – but first, let’s look at what authoritative writer Peter Barry Chowka says about the SB840 plan. In his analytical article “Medicine, Inc. Moves To Further Restrict Privacy and Health Care Options As A Mandatory, Single Payer, Universal Health Care Plan Nears Passage in California Part One” Chowka says:

B840 – Socialist Medicine Comes to California

Now, in the year 2005, in what may be the greatest single threat to the autonomy and freedom of millions of Americans to control their own health care decision making, California, the nation’s largest and arguably most politically and culturally influential state, is moving ahead to create a state-run system of government health care, effectively ending and criminalizing the system of privately financed health care that has been in effect in the United States since the country was founded.