There is no such thing as “investigative journalism” on US network television anymore.  In fact, it’s hard to find real news, at all, on the networks.  “TV news” is all hype – every bit of it – and it is designed to promote the interests of those that write the checks for advertising.  Nothing else.

The single largest group of advertisers during the news hours, I’ve noticed, is “Big Pharma.”  Roughly fifty percent (50%) of all advertising, during the news hours, comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

And it’s paying off, handsomely, for them – but not for America…

Simply spoken, “Big Pharma” is using America’s airwaves to destroy the American fabric.  Our TV media, the same media we, as Americans, count on, as “the fourth estate,” to monitor society’s problems, has been prostituted as an advertising campaign for the interests of the biggest, and most evil, enemy America, and democracy, has ever had to face – “Big Pharma.”

We need to stop, completely, “Big Pharma’s” right to advertise drugs directly to the consumer.  We need to get our media back.

How, why?

(1)  When Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, a few weeks ago, in Rolling Stone magazine, exposed the “thimerasol (mercury) in vaccines causes autism” problem, ABC picked up the rights to the Kennedy interviews from Rolling Stone.  Instead of airing the interviews, ABC held onto them until they could “get the other side of the story (from “Big Pharma”).”  The purpose, of course, was to make Robert F. Kennedy, jr. look stupid…

(2)  When actor Tom Cruise came out against the flagrant over-drugging of psychiatric patients, nationwide, CBS ran a piece suggesting he was a motorcycle-riding-on-red-carpet fool, and should stick to acting, instead of commenting on health care.  Matt Lauer at NBC ambushed Cruise over the same subject, in an interview for Cruise’s new movie “War of the Worlds,” questioning Cruise’s qualifications to make health statements.

There’s no question that network TV knows who its masters are – and are quick to kneel and lick their feet.  High priced whores aren’t just operating in Manhattan’s hotel rooms.

(3)  When CBS “60 Minutes” first showed up to interview South Carolina “cutting-edge” MD Jim Shortt over the alleged death of one his patients due to “Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy,” they “forgot” to bring a camera crew along – obviously because there were about thirty world renowned EXPERTS standing next to Jim Shortt waiting to be interviewed – and willing to voice, on camera, the reality, and safety of “Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.”  CBS “60 Minutes” didn’t want to hear any of it.  They already had all the interviews they wanted – from the other side – and that’s what they ran in the segment.

“Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy” directly competes with “Big Pharma’s” interests.  Over a million recorded “Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy” treatments have been given, worldwide.  The treatment immediately kills all viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream – something no drug, or antibiotic, can come close to doing – and, unlike “drugs, drugs, and more drugs” the treatment is safe, and dirt cheap.

(4)   Almost every nightly news segment contains some new ridiculous health claim.  If you took the nightly news literally, and refused to actually look around yourself, at reality, you’d believe that every medical problem in the world was being solved with “drugs, drugs, and more drugs.”

We need our media back.  The answer is simple.  We need to stop, completely, “Big Pharma’s” ability to advertise directly to the consumer.  Right now.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

Believe it or not, that title is only about 65% clickbait. There is some truth to it, I swear. Dig:

Philippine Military Seeks Traceability & Accountability

See, would you have clicked on that headline? Probably not. But “Laser Bullets”? Who wouldn’t click on that? Come on. Anyway, the Philippine government recently set out to acquire up to three additional laser marking machines so that they can add identifying markings to each and every piece of small-arms ammunition they produce and/or purchase. One laser marking system is already in operation, but lacks the necessary capacity to keep up with production.


“Looks like one of yours, Gary.”

The ID marks will help the National Police and other armed forces keep track of their bullets, letting them know to whom the ammo was most recently issued. Tracing government-issued ammunition recently became a national issue in the Philippines, after the PNP confiscated firearms and ammo with “government arsenal” markings from a terrorist group operating in the country.

While those markings did identify the weaponry as government issue, they did not provide any information as to where they came from. With their new laser marking capabilities, the Philippine government will add barcodes and whatnot that will show exactly who the last authorized user of the ammunition was—i.e., if someone in the military is giving or selling bullets to terrorist organizations (or anyone, really), the government will be able to find out exactly who, just by scanning the markings on the casings.

According to Roger Gamban, chief of the strategic management office of the Philippine government arsenal, the new laser marking directive “would make the [government arsenal] the second ammunition manufacturer in the world that employs laser markings.”

Pew-Pew, Bang-Bang

It’s interesting that the Philippine government chose to buy the machines themselves, rather than contract out the laser marking services they need. It’s a smart move, really, in that it will likely save the government money in the long run—not a lot of national governments would make that move. The Philippine government passes the savings on to you!

One hopes that they’ll hire a few people who actually know what they’re doing to run the laser machines, rather than just having a couple of dudes from the force try to figure it out. Not sure that a laser beam should be left in the hands of amateurs, particularly if there’s live ammo around. And, one would assume that the plan is to mark up the cartridges before the gunpowder and bullets are added, but you never know. Government-affiliated organizations have done stupider things.