North Americans have known, or suspected, for some time, that there has been an organized assault by a group, against companies, and practitioners, offering alternatives to the drugs/surgery paradigm. That group calls itself the “quackbusters,” and they are a scam.

I’m about to tell you WHY that assault was formally assembled, HOW THE SCAM works, and WHO the players are, and WHAT they’re up to right now.

If you know who they are, and how they operate, you can beat them.

North America has been going towards what are called “alternatives,” in health and medicine, in a big way. More than half of the US health dollar is currently being spent on this phenomena. With new billing codes (ABC Codes) going into effect, allowing insurance and Medicare to pay for “alternative” therapies, that percentage will, no doubt, increase dramatically.

In California, the fifth largest stand-alone economy in the world, where I live, the health freedom movement is much larger than anywhere else. Here, we’d rather be healthy than medicated. We’ve analyzed the politics of the problem, and successfully turned the political environment to our way of thinking. We simply do not put up with “quackbuster” crap, here.. Why should we?

And, neither should you…

Throughout this discourse keep something important in mind. It’s this – we in the Health Freedom Movement outnumber the quackbusters 100,000 to 1. We’ve got more money than they do, and we’ve got better, and more talented people. We also have better lawyers. It is time to use our advantage to destroy them.