This is an IMPORTANT article for the North American Health Freedom Movement. I’ve got NEW information on “the quackbuster conspiracy” and how they operate. I’ve found a tactic they’ve hidden very well, until now. I have found their secret weapon.

This newsletter will tell you about that tactic, how they use it, and how we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, can use that same tactic IN REVERSE, against them. I see why they’ve kept this so top secret. Although this is a good tactic for them to use, it’s far better used in OUR hands – because we outnumber them 100,000 to 1. Keep reading, and you’ll see what I mean.

Anybody who reads my opinion pieces regularly knows that I specialize in investigating and reporting on what I think is happening with what I call “the quackbuster conspiracy.” It’s my area of interest, and it is my opinion that this conspiracy is causing significant damage to the health, and economic health, of North America. I fully believe, and can support with documents, my reasoning.

What’s important about determining, and understanding, the quackbuster’s structure, and modus operandi, is that knowledge is power. Knowing who the quackbusters are, and how they operate, is knowing how to beat them. For a refresher on “who and how” click on “Who are these so-called “Quackbusters”?… ” .

These days, we are beating the quackbusters at every confrontation. With this new information, we can beat them again, and again…

Today’s newsletter takes us beyond the currently available information laid out in the article “Who are these so-called “Quackbusters”?… ” There, in that article, I explained how the quackbuster conspiracy was set up, and how it uses the Federation of States Medical Boards (FSMB) to assault leading edge MDs, and other health professionals, using natural approaches to health care.

In essence, that first article outlined how the “real” quackbusters attacked the health professionals using natural methods. Today, I’m going to show you the primary way they attack the natural methods, and products, themselves.

First, I’m going to reveal the mechanics of the quackbuster’s PRIMARY TACTIC – the plot to criminalize non-drug health modalities. Then I’m going to tell you, using the SAME tactic in reverse, how you can frustrate the quackbuster’s attempts to get the government to come after YOU, and your favorite alternative to drugs.

But first let me remind you of an important point.

Don’t for a minute believe that a failed, delicensed MD, an aging buffoon operating out of his basement in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is running the quackbuster operation. Don’t consider, either, that an unemployable MD, DDS, PhD, operating the ludicrous National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) out of a cardboard box in the back room of his pubic hair removal salon, is calling the quackbuster shots.

That is not happening….

The “Real” Quackbusters…

The quackbuster operation is being run out of an advertising agency in New York City. The ad agency designs, implements, and runs campaigns against competitors to drugs. Twenty six pharmaceutical companies banded together, originally, and funded the operation against market competitors to drugs. The first plan has been expanded as big pharma panics over North America’s shift in their buying habits to “alternatives.”

Of course, we know about the quackbuster’s attack on supplements. It’s been going on for a while. We also know about the attack on oxygen therapies. It, also, has been going on for a while. Colloidal silver, coral calcium, noni juice, etc., etc., etc., have all had their brush with government assault squads, those government squads wrongly convinced they were “saving the world from unsavory quacks out to defraud the public, and murder Americans.”

Of course, the question that keeps coming up is “Why is OUR OWN government working against us to criminalize solutions to North America’s health care problems?” I’m about to answer that question..


Ever wonder how those government assault teams got the idea that natural alternatives to drugs, those things that have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, were a bad thing that needed to be prosecuted? There is no mystery to the answer – it’s the big pharma funded “quackbuster conspiracy” working full-time with a disinformation campaign, planned, and executed out of that New York ad agency.

The New York advertising agency uses a simple device to hurt you, and yours. Every minute, of every day, someone at the ad agency is activating the same tactic. Day, after day, after day. Week, after week, after week… For years now. And, we’ve never caught on until now. Because we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, until now, simply weren’t looking.

They use the FDA “Dockets,” and they’re using them in exactly the same way they’re using “Operation Cure-All.” To read how they do THAT scam click on “The Quackbuster’s Latest Scam – Operation Cure-All”

Huh? What’s an FDA Docket?

An FDA Docket is a request for public input on an issue. After the “public” has made input, a policy, dealing with an issue will be formed. That policy will become the basis for how FDA thinks about something. All FDA employees, and virtually ALL government agencies (like FTC, DHHS, State and County agencies) will rely on this policy in dealing with an issue. In effect, it will become “the law of the land,” so to speak, and will be the cause of endless heartache to the company, or practitioner, that doesn’t realize its existence, or importance.

There are two forms of “Dockets,” The First one, “An FDA sponsored Docket” has three possible parts, used together, or separately: (a) An “Information Gathering Docket” may be used as a precursor to a (b) “Proposed Regulation Docket, or a (c) “Guidance Docket.”

But the second one is the one I want you to read about, and understand completely. It is the “Citizen’s Petition Docket.” It is this one we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, will use to destroy the quackbusters, and their cash gorged sponsors, nationwide, if not worldwide.

An FDA sponsored “Docket” starts when the FDA places a “notice of proposed rulemaking” in the Federal Register. Usually, there is 60 days for the public to comment on the proposed rule. The trouble is, MOST OF US have had no idea this happens, so only those who are aware of this action can comment. So, if the FDA wants to make a rule for say “colloidal silver,” than you can be sure it wouldn’t come out well for colloidal silver advocates. How can you comment if you don’t know about the issue?

But, the New York ad agency knows…

So – Why is a “Docket” so Important?…

This will take a little reading, but it’s worth it. I suggest that, to absorb the information properly, you read all three paragraphs of this section below (a, b, and c) first, then come back and click on the connections in each paragraph individually. It is definitely worth your time to read and understand this FDA program, because, we in the health freedom movement are now going to use it to WIN our own battles. Read it, understand it, and you’ll see why I say that.

(a) Click on the connection and you will have the docket system explained further by the FDA itself. Save this address for further information. This is information EVERY health freedom advocate, involved in EVERY health issue, should know, and use.

(b) For instance, all of the CURRENT dockets, those open for public comment RIGHT NOW, can be found by clicking on the address Save this address for further information, also.

(c) Here is an example of how the National Food Processors Association used the docket process to affect an FDA policy in 1997 – Read this carefully, and you can see their strategy to influence the FDA. We can all learn something from this.

How to use the FDA “Docket” system to WIN the war…

Now that you’ve read all about the FDA docket system, and absorbed its impact, you’re almost ready to use it for your own interests. Since we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement outnumber the quackbusters 100,000 to 1, this will be a very effective tool FOR US.

I suspect the New York ad agency uses a simple procedure to influence the FDA “Dockets.” It’s called, in the advertising industry, a “Black PR (Public Relations) campaign.” First it figures out what it wants to say about an issue, like, for instance, “colloidal silver.” The ad agency’s job is to make “colloidal silver” look as bad, as dangerous, and as ineffective, as possible. After all, “colloidal silver” is a natural antibiotic that can’t be patented of itself – therefore it’s a major threat to big pharma. So what the ad agency will do is to call up one of their “reps” they’ve previously gotten placed on an FDA committee, and tell them to get their FDA committee to “study” the colloidal silver issue. The fact that there was no issue, at the time, is no problem, because the ad agency, at the same time, is starting one of its letter writing campaigns, using what I call their “testifying whores,” to inundate the selected FDA committee with “concern” letters about colloidal silver.”

Sixty, or so, letters to the FDA committee from the “testifying whores,” and there’s an issue on the FDA table. Government agencies are not allowed to ignore complaints. Sixty complaints from people with initials after their names will definitely cause an investigation. The ad agency can assault the FDA committee, and its staff, for months before anybody in the “colloidal silver” world has any idea they’ve been targeted.

The flip side of that coin, and the good part of the “letter writing campaign” for the North American Health American Health Freedom Movement, is that if sixty (60) letters from “testifying whores” has an effect on decisions, what would six hundred (600) letters from our side do? What would six thousand (6,000) letters do? What would sixty thousand (60,000) letters do?

The simple fact is – we outnumber the quackbusters 100,000 to 1. And we don’t have any “whores.” All of OUR people are decent, honest, intelligent, caring, Americans.

At this point, if you’ve read how the “tactic” works, using FDA dockets, you’re probably already figuring out how to use it for your own concerns. For instance, if you’re a “chronic fatigue” group, or an “MCS” group, or a “silicone toxicity” group, etc., etc., etc., than you should be reading, and re-reading, and re-reading again the explanation of how to use the “Citizen’s Petition Docket.” It is this one we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, will use to destroy the quackbusters, and their cash gorged sponsors, nationwide, if not worldwide.

The beauty of the “Citizen’s Petition Docket” is that it DOES NOT MATTER if the FDA has already taken a position against your interests – YOU CAN BRING IT UP AGAIN – AND AGAIN – AND AGAIN – until you get what you want, and need. After all, this is OUR country… “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”

A Final Note…

The anti-EPHEDRA campaign, I believe, was a scam orchestrated by the real quackbusters operating out of that New York ad agency. The whole thing is a well-designed hoax to overturn gains we’ve made in dietary supplement legislation. All those newspaper articles, and the article in some magazines, etc., weren’t the result of investigative journalism – they were PLACED in those publications, by the New York ad agency, as a condition of continued drug advertising in those publications.

Why do I think so? Look at the publications in which those articles ran, and you’ll see that a significant portion of those pub’s income comes from drug ads. Writers and Editors like to get paid. Cancellation of drug ads for the next issue means lay-offs on the editorial staff, right this minute.

Very suspicious, but no surprise to me, is that none of those articles against “ephedra” ever mentioned that that very same “ephedra” is the primary, and sometimes the ONLY, ingredient in daytime off-the-shelf cold remedies. Next time you’re in your favorite BIG grocery store, stop by the “Cold Remedies” section, put your reading glasses on, and read the ingredients in “Cold Remedies.” Standing there, looking to your left and right, it will soon dawn on you that you are in the presence of 500 to 800 pounds of “ephedra” that has nothing to do with “supplements.” Estimate in your mind how many people buy those “cold remedies” as opposed to how many people buy “ephedra” based supplements. When it dawns on you about the difference, you’ll get an idea of how big a scam that New York ad agency is trying to pull off…

The bottom line here is to remember where our power in the North American Health Freedom Movement really is. It’s two things: (1) We outnumber the quackbusters 100,000 to 1, and (2) we’re Americans, not “whores.”

Your mantra here should be – “I own the FDA…” “I own the FDA…” “I own the FDA…”

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate