In the United States every company with over two hundred employees is required to provide full health insurance coverage to its employees. Since 1999, when the US FDA allowed “Big Pharma” to advertise directly to the American consumer, the cost of the average prescription drug has increased 500% – with no reason other than greed.

The same prescription drugs cost five to twenty times as much in the US as other countries. Because of this, the average cost of health insurance for a family of four, including the amount a company pays, and what the employee pays, is now $14,700 per year.

No company in the US can afford those increases in health care costs – so just to survive, at all, much less compete in a word-wide market, US companies are sending their labor requirements overseas – and shutting down US production facilities, laying off US workers, supervisors, managers, vice presidents, etc.

In addition, those companies that provided products and services to those factories are having to shut down – with a cumulative effect – the accelerating destruction of the US economy.

Worse, is that “Big Pharma” is engaging in an organized campaign to damage and destroy those attempting to change the system – and provide REAL health care for Americans. The operation, calling itself the “Quackbusters” is, I believe, run out of a New York ad agency. Their “bible” is the nefarious website “,” and their “flagship” is the sinking (financially insolvent, and corporately suspended) National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).

I believe that all this is happening because the pharmaceutical industry, “Big Pharma,” hates America, and everything it stands for, with a passion…

Why do they hate us? Because on June 6th, 1944 the American public, through the Normandy invasion (D-Day), began the annihilation of the NAZI war machine, and the system of beliefs that spawned it.

“Western Medicine,” as we know it today, has its very roots in the horrible experiments inflicted on the victims by Germany’s I.G. Farben, in the NAZI death camps…

As a result of the destruction of the NAZI world domination scheme, and the Nuremberg trials, I.G. Farben was broken into four separate companies. Those companies, today, control MOST, if not all, of Planet Earth’s pharmaceutical industry. “Big Pharma,” in my mind, has never abandoned their disdain for human life – nor their hatred for those that stopped, cold, their intent to dominate the world in 1945.

They’re back – with a vengeance.

But this time the war, although on the surface is economic, has far more victims and casualties.. “Big Pharma,” which world-renowned Mathias Rath MD says “is the rise of the Fourth Reich,” is killing its victims with gusto. No more “death camps,” yet, but our vaccines are full of death droplets, our pharmaceuticals cause more damage than a nuclear attack, our water is full of pollutants (flouride, heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, benzines, azo dyes, etc.) and “Big Pharma” has bought off network TV news.

Even more, the American fabric, itself, is being torn asunder, with the unsustainable costs of the medical system.

It’s time America recognized “Big Pharma” for what it really is – the enemy of mankind – and does something about it.

So, what’s the action plan?

(1) We need to stop CAFTA, and any other attempts to cancel the US Constitution in favor of a big business controlled world government. If we can’t stop it in this first go-around, then we’ll have to do it the second time, or the third time.

(2) We have to remove “Big Pharma’s” right to advertise directly to consumers.

(3) We must criminally prosecute industry executives for the deaths, and damages, of, and to, Americans. Merck, and Vioxx, knowingly killed 55,000 Americans, in the name of profit. Thimerasol in even more insidious. Mercury fillings in teeth have been accepted far too long.

(4) We need to push to get the Bush administration’s new “Health Insurance Guidelines” for America into effect. The Bush Administration, recognizing the overburdening of health care costs to American industry and its employees (the cost for health insurance for an American family of four is now $14,700 per year), wants to change the requirements for “Health Insurance Coverage” from “Full Coverage” to allowing Industry to offer “Catastrophic Coverage Plans” – with employees putting tax-free money into “Choice” plans, where they can spend their health dollars wherever they want…

(5) We must ask Congress to pass a bill creating a “Health Czar,” for a five year period to investigate, and straighten out, the US Hospital system – the number one annual killer of Americans. This agency must be given the power to criminally prosecute Hospital Administrators, and doctors, responsible for this calamity.

(6) We must ask Congress to put laws in place stopping the revolving door between “Big Pharma” and the US FDA. We need the FDA to do what “we the people” intended it to do – not what “Big Pharma” wants it to do.

(7) We must ask Congress, and the Bush Administration, to investigate, and vigorously prosecute, the “Quackbuster” conspiracy to suppress innovation in health care.

So, why do we need to do ALL of these things?

In essence, we need a Health Care “Nuremberg…” We cannot, as a society, permit what’s happened to our health care system to continue, or to be able to resurface any time soon.