Hello, audience! My name is Mark Bolen, formerly of the classic glam rock band T. Rex. You might have thought that I died tragically young in a foolish car accident, but the joke’s on you! Though I’m no longer banging gongs or riding white swans, I am alive and well.

I started the Bolen Report to bring the politics of technology to a greater audience (i.e., you!). Technology is quickly and constantly evolving, and the political ramifications that these new advances often bring about. Not every current or historical technological development has an effect on local, regional, national, or world politics—but for those that do, there’s the Bolen Report.

Do I have all the answers to the political puzzles that technology can create? No. Do I continually strive for a greater understanding of them? Yes. Will my sharing this information and my own store of knowledge on the subject make the world a better place? Well…you’ve got to jive to stay alive.