Good Riddance, Vine

Twitter announced yesterday that they would be shutting down Vine, the video sharing app they purchased for a song a few years back. The shutdown won’t be immediate, but the accompanying layoff of roughly 300 Twitter employees will be. While I do feel bad for the folks who’re out of a job, I for one hope the death of Vine is the start of a trend that will kill off the myriad other useless apps that are making our world a worse place.

6-Second Loops? How About 6-Second Shut Up

If you’re not familiar with Vine, consider yourself lucky, because it’s completely stupid. The app allowed users to make and share videos with a maximum length of six seconds. The videos would automatically loop, starting from the top again once the final frame ends.

I’ll grant you, I’ve seen some dang funny clips on Vine (only when others send them to/shared them with me; I’ve never intentionally sought out a Vine video). There’s nothing wrong with sharing funny little movie clips—the world needs more smiles, to be sure. My beef with the app, and the reason I’m glad it will soon be a thing of the past, can be summed up in two words:

“Vine star.”

This is the only good kind of vine.

This is the only good kind of vine.

Somehow, some folks became “famous” for their Vines. (Videos shared on Vine are generally called Vines, which only adds to the stupidity of it all.) Famous is in quotation marks above (as is stars later in this sentence) because it’s a relative measure—none of the biggest “stars” that got started on Vine are really that well-known.

Still, it’s gives a sad view of our society and culture that people with no real talent can become “famous” for $#!tting out six seconds of anything. If these folks were genuinely talented, they’d be famous without quotation marks for those talents, and they’d do whatever it is they’re talented at for a lot more than a tenth of a minute at a time.

“But I’ve seen some really talented singers on there,” some may say, by way of example, “those folks earned their Vine stardom.” A) no you haven’t—if those clowns were actually good singers, they’d make their name through actual talent and not via viral video. B) no they haven’t—Vine is a free service, so people are obviously a lot more likely to share content than they would be if they had to pay for it. Talk to me when someone wants to see you sing not for free, that’s talent.

Photo credit: william couch via / CC BY-NC-ND

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